Travel Insurance for Medical conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions are often excluded from mainstream travel insurance policies, but NoLimits Travel Insurance can provide cover here, we know that our older customers often have some kind of pre-existing medical condition, meaning that you can buy travel insurance cover for all the conditions that you have - as long as you have a diagnosis of a condition we can cover it (if you're waiting for an investigation we'll have to wait until you know more about your condition).

We can provide travel insurance for virtually all medical conditions, including

  • cancers,
  • heart attacks,
  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes.

We are all keen to stay healthy, especially when enjoying a holiday. Should the worst happen and you become unexpectedly unwell or have an accident abroad, No Limits 24/7 Emergency Assistance team will help you get medical assistance. We can also arrange to get you home as soon as you are able to travel safely.

Take care to declare all pre-existing medical conditions when you buy your policy, to make sure that your insurance policy is valid in case you need to make a claim. We need to know about all pre-existing conditions so that you can avoid having to pay your own emergency medical costs while you are away. Remember to take your policy documents on holiday with you, and make a note of the Emergency Assistance 24/7 number.